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Now what activity would be so out of the box for you, it might put you in a space to meet new guys, make friends with people who have gay friends or try a new hobby? If you really want a guy who appreciates monogamy, then hanging out with people who have open relationships probably isn't the best place to meet Mr. From sex to finances and family to intellectual awareness, letting your true desires show up doesn't make you weak, weird or wacky. The more you make excuses for why your gay dating life is the toilet, the less chance of it shifting in a positive way.Find your stride, your way, your place and snuggle in.And while perhaps a gay single might go about finding a partner differently than someone who is straight, the ultimate outcome is the same.Given that, my first bit of advice is for everyone, no matter which side of the plate they swing from: Don’t Overcomplicate Things! " stop and ask yourself "Why are you always justifying your way out of dating? Dating from the perspective of "it's all about sex" can pay off if that's how you truly feel. Think of it this way: If you can step out of the closet, you can certainly step out of your rut! It's you being truly you, so let your authentic self shine. If every date you go on with a gay guy leads you to say, "He was nice, but ... Well, it depends on your position — no pun intended.

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Unfortunately, the gay dating pool is viciously competitive. Either play the gay dating game or get out of the other gay guys' way! The goal is for the single gay community to know you're in circulation.2. Going to the same coffee shop, grocery store and gym leads to the same scenery and the same results. When you hide from your truth, it won't set you free. " Constantly in a tailspin with the same old audio tapes playing in your head? Gay dating is a chore that eventually leads to feeling depressed and lonely ... Even if you feel like a fool, you'll rack up the frequent heartbreak points that will eventually pay for an all-expenses-paid trip to true love. The more you look to others to validate your existence, your value and your self-worth, the deeper the hole gets for you to lay in and have sand kicked in your face.When it comes to online dating, safety is a number one priority for anyone involved.Whether you’re gay or straight, looking out for yourself and your own safety should come before meeting some hot guy or trying to get lucky.My preference for the online dating pool may be because my social circles don’t bring me into contact with an abundance of single gay men, or because it’s interesting to meet people who are outside my everyday experience. The debut of website that promotes mindful dating—is exciting.I wonder, though, if what we are being mindful about will be open to wide interpretation.

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And every week, my mentors and I select one of your questions to answer in a video.

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She haughtily took the glass, looked into it and then poured the beer over his face.